Value Creation in a world of opportunities


In an ever-changing world, companies are met by increased customer demands, younger generation workforce, disruptive challenges, new technology, innovation, and the demands for a more sustainable approach to doing business.

We are experiencing that markets are becoming more complex, dynamic and changes are enhancing in speed.

The pressure calls for more development and differentiation, but there is a tendency to focus even more on the short-term goals instead of developing sustainable solutions.

Maybe we need a new kind of thinking?

Our world is changing and the only certainty is uncertainty – I believe that traditional, linear thinking is challenged, due to the dynamics in our environment. This indicates that we need a new approach for developing our companies, strategy, leadership, and our market approach – we need proactively to do something new and look beyond business as usual to change the status quo.

Your company is worth no more than the value you create.

Value creation is the alpha and omega and should be seen from a broad perspective, a perspective that goes beyond profit, and focusing on co-creating value, both internally in the company, with external parties, and through different networks, because only by connecting the internal and the external factors, seeing the whole as a system, will generate value in a new way. We have to work closer together and rethink value creation.

We need to better balance the short-term results and long-term ambitions, as short-term focus easily will look like yesterday. Though we also need to recognize, that long-term focus is much more difficult and this is calling for leadership – we need great leadership as never before!

Value creation is a matter of leadership, a matter of navigating complexity, secure leadership adaptability towards an ambitious purpose, execution of a coherent strategy, being able to secure a differentiated market position.

Opportunities are present, and we are surrounded by opportunities to change things that will generate even greater value. That’s what I call value-creating leadership and sustainable growth – let´s make a change…