Value creation in a world of opportunities – create the future


A world of rapid change – can you feel the pressure?

Companies are being met with increased demands from consumers, younger generations in the labor market, disruptive startups, new technology, innovation, and demands for shorter time-to-market, changed environments and so forth. All of these give us a feeling that the markets we operate in are becoming more and more complex, dynamic and changes are happening at an ever-faster pace.

The pressure on companies calls for differentiation, but there is a tendency for us to focus more and more on the short-term goals, rather than developing long-term sustainable solutions that can help to differentiate us. In some cases, we simply add more complexity to the business, hoping that it will work and help us achieve the results and requirements we have to meet – as it once did – but instead, we experience increased work pressure, lack of time, stress and less productivity.

A new way of thinking is needed – do you want to join?

Our world is changing and, as the saying goes; insecurity is the only security. I am convinced that the traditional way of thinking and the linear way of doing business is challenged by the rapid changes we are experiencing in our surroundings. This indicates that there is a need for a (new perspective on the) development of our companies, strategy, leadership, and our approach to the market. We must proactively take the initiative to look at the business with new eyes, to change the status quo. This is not to say that the current way of doing business is wrong, rather that it is no longer sufficient.

Your business is worth no more than the value it creates and it is the people who are related to your business who create the value and also those who experience the value from different angles. It has been proven that there is a close connection between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and profit, but where does it start?

Value creation is alpha omega – do you create value?

Value creation should be seen more broadly, a perspective that goes beyond profit and is in collaboration with external parties via different networks. Thus, only by connecting internal and external factors, as in a coherent system for all stakeholders, value can be created.

We need a better balance between the short-term results and the long-term ambitions, as the short-term focus will often be similar to yesterday. At the same time, we must recognize that working more long-term is also more challenging, it adds greater demands on management, and we need strong leadership more than ever.

Value creation is first and foremost a matter of leadership – a matter of navigating the external complexity, ensuring that the leadership is adapted to the ambitious goals, executing through a coherent strategy, thereby ensuring a differentiated market position.

Value-creating leadership and sustainable growth

In several areas, we are looking into a transformation of companies, to meet the demands of several stakeholders, e.g. consumers, employees, and investors.

It is value-creating management and sustainable growth that we must have on the field….