Transformation takes time


I enjoy being in nature, especially near water, where the air is high in the sky.

It is wonderfully relaxing, and I think it can put things in a bigger perspective and contribute to “grounding” in a busy everyday life, and relax and get new energy.

The picture was from a beautiful holiday north of Barcelona last week, and here there was room for a little extra reflection – and yes, just looking out at the big, beautiful sea, where the waves hit the land and change the contour in the sand – every second – is in itself inspiring.

It can set thoughts in motion, and it did – namely, how we can be inspired by the sea, the waves, and how it adapts continuously – just as well and in a completely natural collaboration.

A living system that is in constant motion, constant flow, and constant development and which constantly encounters change must also be ready for change and adaptable.

And this is also how we should look at companies, organizations, and people in a healthy equation and a more sustainable business model.

It is a continuous development process and a natural way of developing businesses and people because that is what it is all about.

Now I am back in the familiar framework, enriched with new experiences and, not least, new energy, and the first thing I see on my whiteboard is the quote:

“Adopt to the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

And precisely that point of view, we can learn something because living systems develop.

Still, it takes time and often longer than expected, and it is essential to remember when we talk about transformation, whether it concerns digitization, sustainability, people, or a good combination.