About Bitten Brun

Strategic, visionary and market-oriented consultant and sparring partner for companies and leaders, with a passion for value-creating leadership and sustainable growth.

With more than 25 years of experience from national and international companies, and from various leadership roles and top positions, some of the competencies are strategy, business development, growth and transformation leadership, organization and culture, marketing and communication as well as sustainability in a social, economic and environmental perspective



My purpose is to contribute to a higher level of sustainable value creation.

Sustainable value creation rises from great leadership with a strong purpose and a keen focus on the company’s core.

Every success and every good story are driven by great leadership and continuous development by unfolding and developing the unique – and often remarkable – potential in people and companies.

Great leadership is about navigating complexity, creating strategic coherency, and being able to adapt and strive after increased differentiation – as this is necessary for creating sustainable value.

Let’s shape the future in a sustainable way.



Professional, responsible and competent advice with a focus on value-creating leadership and sustainable growth, based on the following values:

Integrity – it’s based on trust

– authenticity, respect, openness, humility, and commitment create meaning for everyone involved.

Ambitious – nothing is impossible

– With experience, skills, determination, and ambitious goals, we can make a real difference, in companies and for people, through a professional approach and concrete actions.

Consciousness – let’s take responsibility

– and from an environmental, social, and economic perspective, also known as ESG, secure new thinking and new combinations of existing ones to create future-proof solutions and sustainable growth.

Co-creation – we do it together

– and sets up a high-performing team that, based on diversity, explores opportunities and develops competencies and realizes the unique potential of a good collaboration.

Curiosity – we find better ways

– with continuous development in focus, we challenge existing ones humbly and constructively via questions, feedback, and good dialogue that precisely supports the development of companies and people.