Leadership adaptability – dare to think new in advance
Leadership adaptability – dare to think new in advance What is your most important asset as a leader? As the context in which the management is exercised becomes more elaborate, and as the complexity increases, so does the need for leadership, because often the changes affect the whole company. Among other things, the management sets..
Strategic coherence and execution through an ambitious purpose
Do you have a clear purpose and well defined goals? Value creation is an iterative process, a journey created by the people in the company, originating from the overall purpose, direction, and goals, which constitutes is a natural part of the company’s strategy. Strategic direction is the long-term focus, and although it develops and changes..
Navigate the complexity – spot the valuable opportunities before others do it for you ahead of you
Are you challenged by complexity? Our world is becoming more complex and as companies, we are experiencing a higher degree of complexity in relation to increased competition, changed market mechanisms and trends, along with others such as: globalization, new technology, social, environmental, and economic transformations. Complexity can increase over time in accordance with the growth..
Value Creation in a world of opportunities
In an ever-changing world, companies are met by increased customer demands, younger generation workforce, disruptive challenges, new technology, innovation, and the demands for a more sustainable approach to doing business. We are experiencing that markets are becoming more complex, dynamic and changes are enhancing in speed. The pressure calls for more development and differentiation, but..
Integrate megatrends and the 17 SDG´s into your strategy
When we talk about megatrends, we do not get around digitalization and sustainability as a few examples that also fill a part of the agenda in many different forums, and with good reason, because these are some of the heavy megatrends that characterize our development. But why talk megatrends at all? Megatrends are global, cohesive,..
Disrupt yourself…
Companies with disruptive business models are challenging existing businesses, and this is in markets that are already becoming more complex, dynamic, and with changes that are enhancing in speed. As a known quote is saying: “Today, you either disrupt yourself or someone else will” (Peter Diamandis) The focus in many companies has become short-termed on..