Market and customer focus creates value
How do we create the most value for the customer and other stakeholders and differentiate our companies? We do this by ensuring continuous development, agile management, and high market and customer focus across the value chain. In line with increased uncertainty and complexity, there is simply a tendency for our focus to be directed inwards..
Are sustainability and ESG the same?
Many companies work with sustainability and especially with ESG as a focal point, and therefore in many cases, set goals and measurements on these factors, together with other financial goals. But are sustainability and ESG the same? If we look at the UN’s definition of sustainability, it is: “Sustainable development is a development that meets..
Growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world
Can we even talk about growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world? Growth is about growing and developing – growth is about getting better, not necessarily bigger – and if we see growth in relation to nature, we can also say that all living things grow – and therefore, I also believe that..
Strategy – do we even need it?
Do we even need a strategy in a highly dynamic and complex world – Isn’t it better to take the opportunities as they arise? I often get that question, especially now that the degree of uncertainty is generally high – and I have to answer both yes and no. Yes to the need for a..
Can you create growth in disruptive times?
I have always been interested in how we can develop and grow companies about the market conditions in which we operate, and years ago asked and uncovered the question: Can you create growth in disruptive times? And the answer is YES. Yes, it is the short answer, but it is simplistic in a complex and..