Navigate the complexity – spot the valuable opportunities before others do it for you ahead of you


Are you challenged by complexity?

Our world is becoming more complex and as companies, we are experiencing a higher degree of complexity in relation to increased competition, changed market mechanisms and trends, along with others such as: globalization, new technology, social, environmental, and economic transformations.

Complexity can increase over time in accordance with the growth of the business due to a vague direction, lack of focus and prioritization, deficient collaboration processes, lack of trust, and so forth.

Are you looking into the engine room or the market?

As external complexity increases, our focus tends to be directed towards efficiencies and optimizations, which is not sufficient, because the ability for innovation, development, and the long-term perspective may be downgraded, which eventually leads to less value creation.

It is crucial to be able to navigate through complexity – internal as well as external – and even more importantly, to be able to distinguish between the opportunities that can contribute to further value creation, rather than focusing on the treats that can hinder it.

Do you focus on the value-creating part of the complexity?

What trends can contribute in new concepts or solutions for your business? Is it a question of globalization, digitalization, sustainability, or something completely different? While the image may seem complex, it does not mean that it excludes the possibility for value creation. New challenges often equate with new opportunities, although at times it can be difficult to imagine.

Most of the complexity is self-created and it is impossible to prevent the addition of more complexity, instead, focus your and the company’s energy and your own on creating value through the many opportunities that are in right front of you.

Value-creating leadership and sustainable growth

In several areas, we are looking into a transformation of companies, to meet the demands of several stakeholders, e.g. consumers, employees, and investors.

It is value-creating management and sustainable growth that we must have on the field….