Growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world


Can we even talk about growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world?

Growth is about growing and developing – growth is about getting better, not necessarily bigger – and if we see growth in relation to nature, we can also say that all living things grow – and therefore, I also believe that we can – in fact must – speak growth, also about sustainability.

Over many months, we have heard a great deal about future expectations for growth, expectations for significant declines in growth, and also heard various statements about zero growth, but zero growth is not zero growth everywhere, and if we see where excellent growth potential is predicted, then is it actually in a more sustainable direction.

So yes, we must continue to strive for growth because we must still run a business that benefits the bigger picture and precisely helps secure the future of companies and society.

But I believe we must dare to challenge how we create, consider, and frame growth – or sustainable growth.

Sustainable growth is a development that does not compromise with, among other things, nature’s resources and human conditions. It has a more long-term perspective for value creation and not just short-term financial goals.

It makes more sense and is more humane and sustainable as it helps ensure the future responsibly.

And there are several advantages to a more sustainable approach – for example, can be mentioned

– Meets market demands from multiple stakeholders

– Increased efficiency and cost reduction

– Innovation and valuable development

– Increased financial performance

We cannot skip this small “sustainability chapter” in the company’s development, and we are pushed into thinking and working continuously with renewal.

It also means that we must dare to challenge the existing setup and work with an open mindset – it is a different approach to management and development toward a more sustainable world where trust and cooperation are paramount.

It is ambitious to talk about growth – and if development contributes to a more robust and sustainable society and the world, then thank you for growth.