Strategy – do we even need it?


Do we even need a strategy in a highly dynamic and complex world – Isn’t it better to take the opportunities as they arise?

I often get that question, especially now that the degree of uncertainty is generally high – and I have to answer both yes and no.

Yes to the need for a strategy and both yes and no to whether it is better to seize the opportunities as they arise.

A strategy will change over time because the more dynamic and complex the environment, the higher degree of agility is needed, also to the strategy, but whether a strategy is necessary is not up for discussion in my world.

What is the alternative to a strategy?

To let it stand, or to allow more or less random actions to set the strategic agenda?

Strategy is a strong foundation for moving and developing a company about the market, to create the culture and thus the people in it.

More tactical thinking often resembles what we usually do and is not necessarily how to increase value creation.

One of the hardest things in strategic work is deciding what not to focus on, ergo the meaningful opt-outs crucial in a good strategy.

The strategic focus, a common direction, framework, and goals are crucial – because a lack of focus makes it difficult to be unique and create extraordinary results.