Can you create growth in disruptive times?


I have always been interested in how we can develop and grow companies about the market conditions in which we operate, and years ago asked and uncovered the question:

Can you create growth in disruptive times?

And the answer is YES.

Yes, it is the short answer, but it is simplistic in a complex and changing world.

To succeed in creating growth and value, one must think much more holistically, be more agile and adaptive and, in general, think more strategically as a manager.

Growth and value creation in changing times is not about either/or – it is about both/and – it is a new and far more complex approach to development than the more traditional approach we have practiced for many years.

It’s about developing the company in a very dynamic market; it’s about moving and, in some cases, even transforming a company’s culture by continuously building something new while simultaneously breaking down something old.

It is crucial that, as a manager, you are willing to rethink your company and shift the perspective in a new direction, and it is a delicate balancing act and a topic that should be at the top of the agenda – to a board.

Ambitions create developmentAre the biggest brands created by only looking out into the market, or are they in the small category that attempt to make the future?

And what about the brands that were high on the ranking list just ten years ago but have now been overtaken by players such as e.g., Amazon and Google?

Where has their focus been directed?Ambitions create development – ​​development creates the future – because it is, of course, about seizing the present and the opportunities right now about the desired strategic direction.

Even if it may seem a bit unclear and uncertain – as the quote says:

“Go as far as you can see – when you get there, you will be able to see further”

(J.P. Morgen)