Purpose, Values, Conscious Quitting


I was supposed to be on holiday this week, but it didn’t actually turn out to be that much.

Instead, I have had some interesting meetings and some exciting, urgent tasks, and between these, I also managed to clean up some of my previous news emails, SoMe feeds, etc.

And here I came across this one about meaning, purpose, and strong values ​​- it is precisely five years old and may also have your interest.


A search for meaning, a clear purpose, and strong values ​​

We search for meaning in what we do and contribute and want to make a real difference.

That search takes place in an already busy everyday life, where decisions are flying around our ears, where demands for change, development, and growth constantly present themselves on the field.

We must develop, move, and create growth and value on an ongoing basis – this is a fundamental condition in our society, the way our economy is screwed up and the way companies exist – there is nothing new in that.

But I would venture the claim that how this continuous development takes place can be made better – and that it can help to fulfill some of what we are looking for in the efforts to move – as companies and as people.

That it makes sense makes a difference in itself.

Everyone needs a direction, and a greater purpose, because it can help give meaning and put things in a broader and more long-term perspective.

It can help move people, inspire them to think in new directions and make you want to give the very best – because it makes sense.


It is perhaps a little more about what we do for others

So a clear purpose, a clear direction, and strong values ​​take on greater importance than ever before – because we must continue to move, but in a way where it may become much more about what we do for others rather than what we do for ourselves – and not least that it creates value for several people at the same time.


A lot has happened in 5 years – and having a clear purpose and strong values ​​takes up more space.

I heard a new term the other day from Paul Polman, namely “conscious quitting,” which precisely relates to a larger purpose and far more value-based management – and here also a clear expectation that companies take a great deal of responsibility and this points directly into the agenda for sustainability/ESG.

If you are not already working around a purpose and values ​​- and sustainability/ESG, for that matter – it might be worth looking into a little more closely – it makes sense and creates increased value – what’s not to like?