Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


2022 has been an extraordinary year, and for my part, challenging, complex, exciting, and interesting – and fortunately, most interesting and very educational…

There are new board positions, many exciting tasks such as drawing up sustainable strategies, facilitator of several strategy processes, holding many different workshops, developing managers and management teams, training, and new learning – and yes, of course, personal development as part of the equation.

All together, focusing on “Value-creating management and sustainable growth” – because this is where my passion lies and where I will develop my business even more in the new year – especially about modern strategy, agile management, and sustainable development to that extent, are connected.

And like many others, I want to build the bridge as I walk on it – into the future in step with the surroundings – never mind if the bridge is perfectly straight and if all the boards lie perfectly, it’s more about being able to move quickly and adapt continuously.

Dear all that I have met on my way in 2022, an my great network – I hope our paths cross during 2023 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.