Adaptability can be a competitive advantage


Adaptability can be a competitive advantage in a dynamic and sometimes disruptive world.

It requires that the leaders making the strategic decisions are capable of adjusting and adapting to the demands of the environment, securing that the strategic direction is sustainable and valuable.

The approach to strategic and leadership adaptability must be holistic and focus on developing the organization through the individuals, the organization’s capabilities, and across the entire chain.

And that is a complex task, and you probably cannot repeat what you did yesterday. So instead, you have to turn off the autopilot, and learn something new every day, meet every challenge with curiosity, thrill, and energy.

And remember that adapting and adjusting as a leader isn’t the same as changing oneself. It is more about developing capabilities, competencies, and strengths to constantly learn and improve and thereby contribute to the company and its goals – it’s about creating a new mindset.

Nothing will be as it once was – as it was said: “you cannot step into the same river twice” (Heraclitus), so step out there where it might be a scary little today, to learn something new, to move something and someone – to adjust, adapt and improve.