Sustainable growth and value in a disruptive world


Is it possible to create sustainable growth and value in a disruptive world?

The short answer is yes, but it is a simplified answer in a complex and dynamic world.

To succeed in creating sustainable value, you have to think more holistic, act agiler and be more adaptive – you have to think like a strategic leader.

Thinking more like a strategic leader, manifests in several things, a few examples:

–    More complex thinking with the big picture, a broad perspective in mind.

–    A much more agile approach to innovation and development, according to the high level of speed and a far more emergent process to match the market needs.

–    Create the strategy, define ambitious goals, and secure the right values for the company to support the journey.

Sustainable growth and value creation are about both/and – it is not about either/or.

It seems far more complex than the more known, traditional approach, that we have applied in companies for many years, and it is, which also makes it necessary to relate to strengthening competitive advantage.

It is about developing the company in sync with a very dynamic market, and it also means transforming the culture in a company, by creating and building new knowledge, and slowly degrading old knowledge, as an ongoing process.

As a leader you have to be willing to rethink yourself, your company and to expand your perspective – it is a difficult fine balance, and a topic that should be at the top of every executive agenda.

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