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Sustainability in business


An agile and proactive transformation

Many are in the middle of a transformation. Whether it is about digitization, sustainable change, or both, there is a need for a managerial adaptation: an agile and proactive approach to transformation and continuous development.

As a leader, you must act in a dynamic world, create good results, meet more stakeholders by creating increased value for more people, and based on new demands and expectations from the market, and the bar is constantly moving.

Coherence must be created across the company so that the many factors merge into a whole in embracing the social, economic, and environmental requirements - also known as ESG.
It is the transformation that all companies are looking into at one level or another, and it requires continuous development across the entire value chain - or ecosystem - and it calls for a culture and environment that is more balanced and moves in the direction of to be more:

• Holistic
• Long-term
• Agile
• Innovative
• Human

The transformation is necessary to maintain and strengthen the competitive advantage and attractive position in the market - it is about creating sustainable value and thus future-proof companies.

It requires personal leadership - and it can be done from any starting point - as long as you are open to new learning and are ready for change.
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Market and customer focus creates value
How do we create the most value for the customer and other stakeholders and differentiate our companies? We do this by ensuring continuous development, agile management, and high market and customer focus across the value chain. In line with increased uncertainty and complexity, there is simply a tendency for our focus to be directed inwards..
Are sustainability and ESG the same?
Many companies work with sustainability and especially with ESG as a focal point, and therefore in many cases, set goals and measurements on these factors, together with other financial goals. But are sustainability and ESG the same? If we look at the UN’s definition of sustainability, it is: “Sustainable development is a development that meets..
Growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world
Can we even talk about growth on the journey toward a more sustainable world? Growth is about growing and developing – growth is about getting better, not necessarily bigger – and if we see growth in relation to nature, we can also say that all living things grow – and therefore, I also believe that..
Strategy – do we even need it?
Do we even need a strategy in a highly dynamic and complex world – Isn’t it better to take the opportunities as they arise? I often get that question, especially now that the degree of uncertainty is generally high – and I have to answer both yes and no. Yes to the need for a..
“Bitten has contributed with professional management to the preparation of our new strategy, as well as being responsible for several employee workshops to anchor the strategy and lay out a concrete plan to implement it in the individual departments. I highly recommend Bitten as a highly qualified facilitator with his heart in the right place”
Annette Galskjøt ,CEO, Danish Export Association
“Bitten Brun er en del af vores Advisory Board hos CleverCoffee. Vi er et moderne kaffefirma, der med en B Corp-certificering i bagagen har dokumentation for vores ansvarlighed for mennesker og miljø. Og Bittens viden og holdninger har været værdifulde i forbindelse med udviklingen af en virksomhedsstrategi med fokus på bæredygtighed og vækst. Bitten har med sin erfaring hjulpet os til at skære ind til benet - og vælge de udviklingsprojekter, der er de vigtigste for netop os. Vi oplever Bitten som venlig og professionel og med god indsigt i både udvikling af marked og organisation.”
,Founder og CEO, CleverCoffee
“Bitten supporterer e-stimate i vores strategiudvikling og generationsskifte. Det er en yderst kompetent og erfaren hjælp – leveret med forståelse for vores virksomhed. Indlevelse, gode vinkler og anvendelige bidrag - leveret med en praktisknær tilgang. Vores bedste anbefalinger.”
Jørgen Friis ,Founder E-stimate
“Det har været en fornøjelse at samarbejde med Bitten om Danish Export Associations nye strategi. Bitten er nem at arbejde sammen med og hun har forstået hurtigt at sætte sig ind i vores verden samt bidrage med relevante modeller og betragtninger. Processen har kørt som håbet og Bittens deltagelse har betydet at vi nu har en strategi der betyder at vi kan fortsætte væksten samt give endnu mere værdi til vores medlemmer.”
Ulrik Dahl ,Danish Export Association
“Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af Bitten i min bestyrelse på Aalbæk Badehotel A/S siden marts, 2021. Udenfor bestyrelseslokalet har jeg med succes brugt Bitten til sparring bl.a. omkring personaleforhold. I bestyrelseslokalet oplever jeg fuld fokus på vores strategi og evne og vilje til at være med til at performe. Det er fedt med et bestyrelsesmedlem, der brænder ligeså meget for hotellet som mine medarbejdere og jeg.”
Ulla Moisch ,Aalbæk Badehotel
“Jeg kan varmt anbefale Bitten, hvis du vil udfordres og styrkes indenfor strategi og forretningsudvikling. Vores samarbejde har løftet vores virksomheds strategi, organisation, samt synliggjort bæredygtighed i vores dagligdag. Som ejerleder har jeg, oplevet en fantastisk professionel sparring, som har styrket og stabiliseret virksomhedens vækstrejse.”
Henrik Thorsen ,Energy Cool
“Collaborates with Bitten on our strategy and work with the values in Spring Production. Highly recommend working with Bitten Brun & Co.”
Lars Bo Hansen ,CEO, Spring Production A/S
“We have collaborated with Bitten Brun & Co. on several rounds, and we have always been greeted by deep professionalism, high professionalism, and a solid business understanding within many different disciplines. This has made our collaboration with Bitten a good and solid acquaintance.”
Mads Stenstrup ,Director, Keflico A/S
“Bitten Brun & Co. has been involved as an advisory and facilitating partner in the development of our strategy in Keflico. In addition to a deep business understanding, Bitten has also always met us with a high level of commitment and not least a professional approach. Therefore, we have also, with good success, chosen to collaborate with Bitten on several occasions.”
Camilla Hyldgaard Thomsen ,Director, Keflico A/S
“Working with Bitten is almost like having an extra colleague. She sees people and companies at eye level and approaches the task with a pleasant and professional approach. In all the collaborations we have had with Bitten, the level has been high, the flexibility great, and the level of detail formidable.”
Frederik H. B. Christiansen ,Executive Assistant, Keflico A/S